Weed Solution World 2021 in TOKYO

We exhibited at Weed Solution World 2021 in TOKYO.

This exhibition is the only exhibition dedicated to “weed control” in Japan, and it is an annual event where products and technologies related to weed control gather together. We set up a demonstration space for the brushcutter attachment “Power Rotary Scissors” and “Hammer blade” to promote the products. 

Power Rotary Scissors demonstration】

【IDECH booth】

Hammer blade demonstration】

In the demonstration zone of “Power Rotary Scissors”,  attention was focused on safety mowing demonstration. Flying debris and cable cutting are especially issues for mowing facility management.

In the demonstration of the “Hammer blade”, visitors had interested in crushing the weeds. 

 The demonstration zone was always crowded by visitors. The safety of Power Rotary Scissors received much interest from facility management such as government offices, railway affiliates, and solar power generation management companies. We hope that “Power Rotary Scissors” can be useful as flying debris and cable cutting during mowing. 

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