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    Prevent flying debris 

    Power Rotary Scissors is the innovative attachment for any brand string trimmer or brush cutter.The 1:20 reduction ratio and counter rotating blades create a clean,safe,sharp cut in any use.It can prevent flying gravel or debris damaging your trees, plants or even cars in parking lots.Preventing flying debris means it is an ideal brush cutter attachment for operators working in conditions with risks or potential for damaging of property.The trimmer head is great for edging and precision cutting.


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    Grass cutting was generally done using hand tools such as hoe and sickle. But it is often the hard work for a long time, which is a heavy burden on the body. Since the brush cutter attachment can be used in a standing position and placed on the ground for work, there is less fatigue and efficient weeding can be performed.

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    The “elex series” is equipped with 800W motor and 58V lithium-ion battery to achieve high ability. Powerful 58V elex series provides users with performance similar to an engine products. Since it is battery-powered, it has excellent safety and quietness, making it an ideal tool for use in living spaces with many people and structures. The lineup includes mower, pole chainsaw, and blower etc. Batteries and chargers are common to the series.



  • Review of Hammer Blade: Ms. Seika Ochiai, Owner of Guest House sato

    We interviewed Ms. Seika Ochiai, the owner of the "guest house sato," which uses the Weed Hammer Blade. QPlease tell us how you came to run Guest House Sato and what your management policy is.A.Guest house sato also offers options such as consecutive nights, harvesting experience, BBQ, etc. When I was looking for a place to open a guesthouse when I was a company employee, I decided to return to my hometown to open a guesthouse becaus...

  • Reviews/PRS 2021.08.31

    Review of PRS elex: Dog run “DELL’AMORE”

     We interviewed Mr.Oike, owner of Dog Salon DELL'AMORE, which uses Power Rotary Scissors elex.Various management equipment and facilities have been installed to ensure pesticide-free and thorough lawn management. QWhat made you decide to introduce Power Rotary Scissors elex?I had always thought Power Rotary Scissors looked like an interesting tool that could be used as a turf cutter for lawns. Since a set with a battery-powered set w...

  • Review of Hammer Blade: Mr.Nozomi Sumi, Owner of Nozomi farm

     We interviewed Nozomi Sumi, manager of Nozomi Farm, a facility for growing field horseradish. QPlease tell us why you introduced the Weed Hammer BladeA.I have long been interested in the Weed Hammer Blade because I have read about it in agricultural information magazines. In winter, it is warm in the greenhouses, and weeds grow quickly in the pathways, making weeding difficult. We used to mow with a nylon cutter or weed by hand, but...

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